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Phrases you should probably not use as a reply.

"No you phone me, you said you would, just I did not think it would be two hours past the time I normally go to bed"

"Yes I agree it is always good to keep the "IT guy" happy, pity that you cannot be nice without a ulterior motive"

"It is a wonderful offer that you want me to get involved with your start-up company, I realise that this will involve no money or payment for my services until at least the end first year but you can go ahead and bitch and complain at me, phone all hours of the night and day, and whatever you do, do not listen to my professional advice"

"Thank you for the interview, I know that 3 members of the panel would not urinate on me if I was on fire but I know that the procedures have been scrupulously adhered to. It was just a pity that you were offering the job to the candidate that you wanted before you had even interviewed thet last two candidates…"



Loads to do but mainly on the domestic side of tidying and throwing away.  Creative will have to wait until after.


If it is too good to be true

So I get direct messaged to ask me to join a group of photographers by someone who says they are a photography agent. It looks interesting so I apply for membership to the private LinkedIn group.

Then I get a message that says (I paraphrase), the group is too big and unmanageable now so…

1. If you do not have a really good photo better than all your others, LEAVE THE GROUP.

2. Would you want your photograph printed in a book. If not LEAVE THE GROUP.

3. Would you allow the photograph to be printed in a book with no payment. If not LEAVE THE GROUP.

4. Since there are a lot of people in the group please understand that it would be expensive to print the book if you got paid for it. If you do not understand this. LEAVE THE GROUP.

Please LEAVE THE GROUP if you do not want this.

And do not make comments about this message.


Funny but it was not what the description of the group said.

Funny but it seems to smell quite bad.

Of course I am going to leave the group because I am better than this, as a photographer and an artist I am better than this.


Even my nagging headache cannot spoil the pleasure of this moody atmospheric day, dark, windy, rainy, and best of all, looking out at it from indoors.